3 Ways To Use Holding Cabinets At Restaurants

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The appliances and equipment you use at your restaurant can have a big impact on the flow and way you serve guests. Due to timeliness and large amounts of orders, many restaurants cannot just make food to order every single time. Even without the ability to make food right away, you have the opportunity to keep food warm and fresh.

Consider the purchase of a holding cabinet for your restaurant. A holding cabinet includes multiple shelves ideal for a wide range of food options. As you shop for restaurant equipment, consider some of the ways you can effectively use a holding cabinet on a daily basis.

1. Fresh Bread Rolls

Bread has become a staple at many restaurants. Hot bread includes a lot of warmth and softness. You could find multiple uses for fresh bread rolls inside a holding cabinet. For example, you may serve a warm dinner roll with every plate you serve. Easily grab a roll from a holding cabinet so you do not need to worry about heating the rolls up.

If your restaurant serves up sandwiches on long rolls, then use the holding cabinet to hold the fresh bread rolls. The rolls will have extra warmth and stay soft as you apply sandwich ingredients. The warmth will make the bread as fresh as possible when served to a customer.

2. Bakery Items

If your restaurant serves breakfast, then a holding cabinet allows you to hold warm bakery items for customers who order them. The bakery items can include fresh donuts, muffins, or pastries. The warmth of a holding cabinet can help prevent staleness in the items, especially if you have a long breakfast shift.

You can easily prepare all of the breakfast items before your restaurant opens and keep them available throughout the day. If you use a display case in your restaurant, then the holding cabinet will provide space for the extra items that do not fit inside the case.

3. Slow-Cooked Meats

If your restaurant focuses on slow-cooked meats for meals, then consider a holding cabinet for those meats. For example, you may prepare a big batch of barbecue pulled pork early in the day. The warmth of a holding cabinet will ensure the meat soaks in all the flavors and saves warm enough to serve each time a customer places an order.

Separate compartments of a holding cabinet allow you to store multiple types of meat without the need to mix scents or flavors.

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