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Whiskey is a classic liquor with a distinctive amber color and smooth, smoky flavor. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed with your favorite beverage. Any home liquor cabinet will benefit from the addition of a few well-chosen bottles of whiskey. Here are four tips that will help you purchase the right whiskey for your drinking pleasure:

1. Consider purchasing a larger bottle.

The fermentation process that creates distilled liquor also safeguards against spoilage. Liquids with high alcohol content are inhospitable to bacteria, so you never have to worry about your bottle of whiskey going bad. When you go to the liquor store, consider purchasing a large bottle of whiskey rather than a small one. Even if you don't drink often, a large bottle is a more economical choice. Whiskey will last for years, so you can take your time finishing the bottle.

2. Pay attention to the base ingredients.

Whiskey is made by fermenting grains and distilling the result. The grains used can vary. Some whiskey is made from corn, while other varieties are made from barley or rye. The taste of the finished product changes depending on the base ingredients used in its creation. Certain varieties of whiskey pair better with particular mixers. For example, rye whiskey is sometimes considered spicier than other varieties of whiskey. Meanwhile, bourbon offers a more mellow flavor.

3. Choose the right quality of whiskey.

You can find whiskey in every price range, from highly affordable to very expensive. It might seem obvious that higher-quality liquor is always better, but that's not necessarily the case. Affordable, medium-quality liquor is perfectly acceptable for mixed drinks. In fact, it's usually preferred. The nuanced, deep flavors of top-shelf liquor are wasted when mixed with soda and other mixers. Choose high-quality whiskey when you plan to drink it straight, so you can truly enjoy the taste.

4. Follow the recommendations in cocktail recipes.

When you want to try something different, cocktail recipes will give you many new ideas. There are many cocktails, both sweet and savory, that can be crafted from whiskey. Most cocktail recipes offer whiskey recommendations. Bring your cocktail recipes to the liquor store and purchase the brands they recommend. This will ensure that each drink tastes exactly how it's supposed to.

Your local liquor store is the best place to stock up on whiskey. Liquor stores offer a selection that can't be matched by most grocery stores. Plus, many liquor stores are staffed by workers who can help guide you toward the ideal whiskey for your purposes.

If you are interested in more info on whiskey, feel free to contact a liquor store to learn more.

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