How To Better Monetize A Pizza Shop

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Running a pizza business means surviving in a highly competitive market in most regions. It's not enough to sell the best pie in the area. You have to offer both products and services that customers demand, and you have to handle the task in a way that increases their satisfaction. All that sounds great in the abstract, but what types of ideas are there that you can turn into real results?

Modernizing Pizza Delivery

If your business doesn't already offer delivery service, consider adding it as soon as possible. Shops that already offer pizza delivery should consider modernizing their offerings. This includes integrating delivery with your website and an app. A great bonus of this approach is that you can collect payment up front, reducing losses associated with prank calls and incorrect delivery addresses.

Many shops also develop databases they keep customer information in. When a phone call comes in, the database pulls up information from previous calls. The person taking the call can then quickly confirm that the address is still accurate, saving time that would otherwise be spent taking down information. It also can provide the basis for building a mailing list.


Not everybody wants pizza every day, and even folks who do may not have enough friends sitting there at the moment to share a pie. Adding a sandwich shop to your business can allow you to diversify. Offering single-serving units of food will also make your location more attractive to the breakfast and lunch crowds, increasing business through diversification.

One concern to keep in mind is to not go overboard on offerings. Focus on creating a handful of signature sandwiches that'll drive buzz and repeat sales. If possible, try to overlap some of your sandwich supplies with your pizza ones to maximize returns without taking on more inventory.

Get Data-Centric

As previously mentioned, a database can make a major difference for a business. Data-driven systems are cheaper than ever before, and many point-of-sale systems now fully integrate with bookkeeping software to provide hard data on the performance of a shop. This can inform decisions about which pizzas are selling well and which ones aren't.

Develop a Specialty

You can't be the best shop selling every type of pizza in town. Targeting a specific sector, such as creating a perfect New York-style pizza or a family-size one, will help customers decide your place is the one to call when they want that specific pie.

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