2 Ideas For Using Day-Old Kaiser Buns In Your Restaurant's Soups

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If you regularly buy kaiser rolls from the bakery for your restaurant's burgers and sandwiches, you may not like to serve them the next day because you advertise that you serve fresh bread. Because of this, you may sometimes end up with extra buns the next day. If so, consider using the following ideas for using day-old kaiser buns for the soup recipes served by your establishment.

1. Use Pieces of the Buns as a Hearty Soup Thickener 

If you currently offer several soups on your menu, you may find that they tend to come out too thin. And, while you can use corn starch or flour to thicken the soup, you need to be careful when adding either of these ingredients. If you use too much, the soup may have an odd aftertaste that could lead to dissatisfied customers.

Instead of using corn starch or flour, add a few pieces of the day-old kaiser rolls as a hearty, flavorful thickener. Remove the outer crust, then place the leftover chunks in the soup. As the bread dissolves, it soaks up the juices to thicken them. 

2. Create a Cheesy Garnish for Your French Onion Soup

Whether you serve French onion soup as a staple on your menu or as an occasional offering, you may have used store-bought croutons or crackers for use as a garnish. However, either of these choices typically results in a bland, boring flavor palette that may not leave your customers excited.

Instead of using these flavorless, ho-hum options, consider making your own garnish using leftover kaiser rolls and cheese. The bread is hearty enough to lay on top of the soup long enough to reach the customers' tables to give it a delightful presentation. Then, once it reaches your guests, the bread slowly dissolves, allowing the cheese to blend into the soup as it melts.

To make your cheesy garnish, simply cut the day-old rolls into cubes and place them on a baking sheet. Sprinkle shredded Swiss or gruyere cheese on top, then broil them until the cheese is slightly bubbly. Place a few on top of each bowl of French onion soup and serve immediately.

The above idea can serve as inspiration when deciding on what to do with your excess rolls. After allowing your creativity to run wild when thinking up uses for your excess kaiser buns, you may even decide to purposely buy extras for the bakery for use in your other recipes.

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