Change Things Up By Going With Several Smaller Wedding Cakes

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For newly married couples, it's tradition to unveil a large and glamorous wedding cake that the assembled guests will soon enjoy eating. If you're planning your wedding and are excited to choose how you'll approach the cake, there's certainly nothing wrong with ordering a large, traditional cake — perhaps one with three or more tiers. However, if you're a non-traditional couple and are making it a point to include several non-traditional elements in your wedding, you may want to take a different approach to the cake situation. Give some thought to choosing a number of smaller cakes, rather than one big one, and then discuss this idea with your wedding catering service. Here are some reasons to make this choice.

A Multitude Of Varieties

Although wedding cake bakers can make the different layers of your cake in different flavors, opting for a number of smaller cakes gives you the ability to choose a number of different flavors that will suit your guests. Should you partner with a high-end bakery, you'll be offering far more than vanilla and chocolate. Instead, a wide range of flavors to suit every palate will be a part of your wedding reception dessert — imagine the delight of your guests when you announce that you have six or eight different cake varieties from which to choose.

Ideal For Food Allergies

More and more people have to contend with gluten food allergies and sensitivities, and this means that people who attend your wedding may not be able to eat your cake — including some members of your own family or bridal party. When you get several smaller wedding cakes, you can choose to have one or more made with gluten-free ingredients. Of course, you'll also want to have dedicated cutting and serving tools for these cakes to avoid cross-contamination. Your guests who wouldn't otherwise get to eat the cake will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Easier To Move People Along

At large weddings, it's common for there to be a long lineup of guests waiting for their cake. While the serving staff cutting and handing out the cake will be working as quickly as they can, the reality is that they may not be able to keep up with the demand of your excited guests. With multiple cakes, multiple servers can cut and distribute pieces concurrently. Because guests can line up around their cake of choice, everyone should get fed faster — and some people may even have time to return for a second slice.

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