Reasons To Choose A Pod Coffee Maker Over A Traditional Single-Cup Drip Maker

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If you live alone or are the only person in your house who drinks coffee, then you may not want to use a full-size coffee maker to brew your coffee. You're left with two great alternatives: traditional, drip coffee makers that make just one or two cups at a time, and pod-style coffee makers that make single cups of coffee via a special little tub of coffee grounds. Both styles of coffee maker have their advantages, but here are a few reasons that pod-style coffee makers are often the better choice:

1. There's less cleaning.

When you buy a two-cup or one-cup drip coffee maker, you still have just as much cleaning to do as with a larger traditional coffee maker. The pot might be smaller, but it takes just as long to wash! Pod-style coffee makers require a lot less cleaning. In fact, the only thing you need to wash after making the coffee is your mug! The jets and internal workings of the system stay clean; you can just wipe them off now and then. 

2. There's less work in the morning.

With a single-cup drip coffee maker, you have to fill the back of the coffee maker with water, add coffee grounds and a filter to the appliance, wait for the coffee to brew, and then pour it into a mug. Comparably, a pod-style maker is a lot less work. Pop the pod in, push a button, and place the mug beneath the drip mechanism. There's no pouring, measuring out grounds, or filling a canister with water. The pod-style makers have a water holder that holds several days' worth of water, so you can just refill the canister when it's convenient.

3. You can keep many kinds of coffee on hand.

Sure, you can keep plenty of kinds of coffee on hand when you use a drip-style coffee maker, but they will likely go stale once you open the bag and neglect to use them soon! Pod-style coffee makers make it easier to keep a variety of coffee on hand. Each pod is individually sealed, so the coffee inside stays fresh for longer. You can have Starbucks coffee one morning, vanilla coffee the next, and mocha the day after that -- your options are limited only by the Starbucks K Cup pods you have on hand. 

In most cases, if you will only be making a cup of coffee at a time, a pod-style coffee maker is the most suitable choice. Give one a try today.

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