4 Ways Ice Delivery Can Benefit Your Food Truck

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Everybody appreciates a cold beverage or treat on a hot day, including customers. Stationary restaurants have the advantage of being able to have an in-house ice machine, but that isn't an option for food trucks. As a food truck operator, you're always on the go, and your business relies on being able to get to customers where they are. Being a mobile food service business has its drawbacks, but lack of access to ice doesn't have to be one of them. Here are four ways an ice delivery service can benefit your food truck.

1. Serve cold beverages.

Most customers enjoy a drink with their meal, and offering beverages is a great way to increase your sales revenue. However, no one wants to drink lukewarm soda. Investing in ice delivery will allow you to serve your customers ice cold refreshments. This can be especially popular in the summer months when the rising temperatures make everyone much more thirsty.

2. Keep your perishables fresh.

Many food trucks have built-in refrigerators in order to keep their food cold, but this may not be true of smaller businesses. If your food truck doesn't have the space or generator for a refrigerator, you can use ice to keep your food fresh throughout the day. Ice packed into coolers will keep food at safe temperatures for a prolonged period of time. Just remember to follow the FDA regulations for safe food handling techniques.

3. Create ice cream to impress your customers.

Don't forget about dry ice. Ice delivery services also carry dry ice to meet your needs. You may not know that aside from keeping foods well-preserved for longer periods of time, dry ice can also be an incredible culinary tool. By combining cream, sugar, flavoring, and dry ice, you can create ice cream in mere seconds. Your customers will be impressed by the taste of your delicious dessert and also by the showmanship involved in this method of ice cream preparation.

4. Provide first aid to your staff.

Safety is always important, especially in the kitchen. Even if your staff is well-trained and careful, accidents can still happen around fryers and hot stoves. It's vital that you have ice on hand to soothe any burns, since proper first aid can prevent the damage from getting worse. Keeping ice in your food truck isn't just good for business; it's a key component to your first aid kit.

For more information, contact emergency ice suppliers in your area.

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