Four Interesting Facts About Salsa

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If you enjoy Mexican cuisine, there is a great chance you are also a fan of salsa. Before any great meal, a serving of house-made chips and fresh salsa is a great way to start your dining experience. While you undoubtedly have the passion part down when it comes to taste, a little knowledge when it comes to salsa might make your dining experience, at a restaurant like El Molinito Restaurant & Catering, even better. Learn some of the interesting facts about salsa.

1. So Many Options

Salsa offers quite the variety when it comes to options. Typically, people feast on salsa roja or salsa cruda variations. Each of these options includes the typical blend of a tomato, onion, cilantro, and chilies. However, there are other options like salsa negra and even mango salsa. Salsa negra is made with dried chilies, garlic, and oil instead of tomatoes, and mango salsa contains a unique fusion of fruit. Explore some different options you may not have even realized existed.

2. It's Multicultural

Sure, when people think about salsa, they automatically think about Mexican cuisine. However, did you know that the dish is quite multicultural? Salsa is the word for sauce, but not just in Spanish. Salsa is also the word for sauce in Italian. While the taste and the ingredients might be a little different, the dish is one that transcends cultures.

3. The Tomato Matters

You might think that making salsa requires nothing more than a tomato and a few other ingredients. However, when it comes to making salsa, the tomato means everything. For authentic and fresh salsa, Roma and viva Italia tomatoes are some of the best options. Additionally, since the salsa should taste as fresh as possible, some restaurants buy their tomatoes straight from farmers to deliver freshness to the table. 

4. It's for More Than Chips

Sure, a bowl of salsa and chips are a staple with most people. However, salsa is for more than just chips; there are so many ways you can infuse salsa. For example, it's a great garnish for your tacos and burritos. Salsa is also a great complement for queso, as it can give it a bit of kick, especially if it's a spicy salsa. The next time you visit a restaurant, ask for a bowl of salsa on the side so that you can garnish your dish with salsa to experience a fresh taste. 

Have a taste for salsa? Head out to a Mexican restaurant to satisfy your taste buds and to have an enjoyable dining experience.

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